Early Dismissal and School Cancellation Information

When Greenwood closes or has a delay, schedule changes are posted on local media. E-mail notification of early dismissals, delays and cancellations will be sent out by e-mail to all Greenwood families. If you would like to be included on this e-mail list please contact the office. Read below for more information about delays and cancellations, including which Radio and TV stations will broadcast the announcement.

Early Dismissal

Because Greenwood’s students come from several area school districts, there are situations when we do not know the exact closing time for the school. When some area schools dismiss early and others do not, Greenwood will stay open until the last school district bus picks up its students. We will always call all families to let them know when their district bus is picking up at Greenwood, or when they can pick up their child. For Lewisburg area families whose children ride the Greenwood van, we will let you know when your children will leave Greenwood.

Radio Stations

  • WKAB – FM 103.5 Berwick
  • WFYY – FM 106.5 Bloomsburg
  • WHLM – AM 930 Bloomsburg
  • WGRC – FM 91.3 Lewisburg
  • WKOK – AM 1070 Sunbury/Selinsgrove
  • WILQ – FM 105.1 Williamsport
  • WKSB – FM 102.7 Williamsport

TV Stations

  • WNEP – TV 16
  • WYOU – TV 22
  • WBRE – TV 28

Phone Calls to School

When schools dismiss early, the Greenwood office is very busy and phones are needed for getting information from school districts and for calling all school families to let you know what is happening. It helps tremendously if families restrict calls to school to questions about dismissal. Save non-emergency calls for later.