EITC Helps Support Greenwood

Under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, the State of Pennsylvania allows most corporations and shareholders of many corporations doing business in the state to make contributions to Greenwood Friends School in lieu of paying taxes. If your business owes at least $1000 to the Commonwealth, you may be able to send $750 or even $900 of that obligation to Greenwood instead of Harrisburg. Combined with the Federal tax deductions for donating, a significant donation to Greenwood may cost your business next to nothing.

And now, through Pennsylvania’s expanded tax credit programs, qualified individuals/households can make a contribution and receive 90% of the contribution back as a dollar-for-dollar reduction to their annual PA State Tax liability.  Thanks to our membership with The Friends Collaborative, Greenwood Friends School can now benefit from this! This makes large gifts very affordable to make. For example, a $10,000 gift will cost a donor just $1,000 to make! And, if you itemize, you can also claim that $1,000 as a charitable gift. Eligible donors (must be PA residents or at least PA earners) who pay $3,000 or more in annual state taxes can direct a portion of their tax dollars to financial aid towards one or many Friends schools through The Friends Collaborative.

Please contact the Business Office for more information on either opportunity.
businessmanager@greenwood-friends.org or 570-458-5532, Ext 10