Send us your Greenwood Pictures

Do you have any pictures of your children at a Greenwood event? If you would like them to appear on the Parents Page, just follow the directions below to send them by e-mail. All photos will be reviewed by Greenwood to ensure that they comply with our web publishing standards.

Send your pictures to this e-mail address:

You can replace the “GFS” in the subject line with your own title for the image that will appear on our site, but don’t change the tags portion of the subject line. The text of the message can include a description that will appear with the image on our Flickr page.

Please note the following important guidelines:

  • Send only one photo per message.
  • If possible, please iidentify all students in the photo by name. This information will be removed when the picture is reviewed.
  • Crop the photos to focus on the students.
  • Resize the photos so that they are no larger than 250 kb.

By submitting photos, you assert that you have the rights to the image and you grant Greenwood a non-exclusive license to use it.

It may take a week or two before your pictures are reviewed and approved for the site. Please be patient.