EITC Helps Support Greenwood

Under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, the State of Pennsylvania allows most corporations and shareholders of many corporations doing business in the state to make contributions to Greenwood Friends School in lieu of paying taxes. If your business owes at least $1000 to the Commonwealth, you may be able to send $750 or even $900 of that obligation to Greenwood instead of Harrisburg. Combined with the Federal tax deductions for donating, a significant donation to Greenwood may cost your business next to nothing.

And now, through Pennsylvania’s expanded tax credit programs, qualified individuals/households can make a contribution and receive 90% of the contribution back as a dollar-for-dollar reduction to their annual PA State Tax liability.  Thanks to our membership with The Friends Collaborative, Greenwood Friends School can now benefit from this! This makes large gifts very affordable to make. For example, a $10,000 gift will cost a donor just $1,000 to make! And, if you itemize, you can also claim that $1,000 as a charitable gift. Eligible donors (must be PA residents or at least PA earners) who pay $3,000 or more in annual state taxes can direct a portion of their tax dollars to financial aid towards one or many Friends schools through The Friends Collaborative.

Please contact the Business Office for more information on either opportunity.
businessmanager@greenwood-friends.org or 570-458-5532, Ext 10


When you walk into Greenwood Friends School, you feel at home at school. Our open spaces, our engaged students, and our welcoming community all reach out to let you know that you have come to a unique place to learn. With strong core academics and integrated art, music and foreign language enrichments, GFS teaches children to think critically, work collaboratively, communicate confidently, and solve problems creatively in today’s changing world.

The Quaker principles of integrity, equality, community, simplicity, stewardship and peace guide our school’s daily life. Accredited by PAIS, Greenwood serves preschool through eighth grade students from a broad range of backgrounds. Our students reflect our area’s ethnic, economic, and social diversity and are supported by Greenwood’s generous scholarship program. The school is located three miles east of Millville and serves families from many surrounding districts, including Benton, Bloomsburg, Central Columbia, Danville, Lewisburg, Millville and Warrior Run.

Come visit us at Greenwood Friends School. A warm welcome awaits you!

A Personalized Curriculum

Greenwood’s vigorous, personalized curriculum supports and challenges every child, nurturing natural curiosity and encouraging academic excellence. Preschool through 8th grade students explore their world locally and globally. Greenwood encourages students to learn through innovation and collaboration, preparing them to succeed in our changing world.

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The “Care Relationship”

Quakers explain that Greenwood is “under the care of” of Millville Friends Meeting and the Upper Susquehanna Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Our “care relationship” is evidenced in the structure of our school (our bylaws state that more than half of our Board of Directors must be Quaker representatives), in the regular patterns of our activities (periodically the entire school gathers at the Millville Meetinghouse for Meeting for Worship), and in the commitment of both Meetings to support the school’s educational mission with their corporate resources.

Quaker Education

Quaker education represents a unique combination of academic excellence and spiritual depth.

Children are expected to grow and change in an environment that nurtures their spirits and challenges them to develop inner resources for discipline and achievement.

The Quaker belief in the “Inner Light” leads to faith in the ability of every member of the school community to reach his or her full potential.

Quaker testimonies and the Greenwood Friends School philosophy:

Quaker testimonies are general statements about Friends’ practices and beliefs.  Our school’s mission statement refers to several testimonies—integrity, equality, community, simplicity, and peace—which are reflected in our goal of providing a challenging and supportive environment.

You can learn more about Quaker education from the Friends Council on Education.

Five Principles of Quaker Education

“We hope always to support our students in their development as truly honorable people—informed, engaged, and compassionate people, who come to positions on issues of consequence by active analysis and reflection, informed by a sense of respect for and responsibility toward others, in a spirit defined by neither arrogance nor apathy.”
—Lisa Darling, Former Clerk, Friends Council on Education Board of Directors

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