School Volunteers and Committees

Members of the school community contribute in many valuable ways: Board committees, Parent Clusters, as volunteers in the classroom, and as coordinators of fundraisers.

Board of Trustees
Guardian of the school’s mission and principal fiduciary of the school; has primary responsibility for strategic planning and for hiring and nurturing the Head of School; assumes overall responsibility for the health and vitality of the  school while delegating to the Head responsibility for operations and implementation of policy (Principles of Good Practice, Friends Council on Education; for more information see GFS handbook)

Committees of the Board

Finance Committee
Assists the treasurer and Head of School, preparing an annual budget and overseeing financial investments and expenditures.

Institutional Advancement Committee

Facilities Committee
Develops an annual maintenance schedule and oversees the maintenance and enhancement of the physical plant; assists the maintenance supervisor in maintaining buildings, grounds, and vehicles.

Personnel Committee

Committee on Quaker Life

Committee on Trustees
Cultivates interest in board service; nominates and orients new representatives to the board; identifies people willing to serve as clerk, assistant clerk, recording clerk, treasurer, and chairs of standing committees; monitors the health, diversity, and effectiveness of the board

Health and Safety Committee

Technology Committee

Fundraising Committee

Tuition Assistance Committee
Reviews yearly requests for tuition assistance and awards grants.

Head Support and Evaluation Committee

Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council have expertise needed by the school in matters of development, marketing, finance, and education; have stature which will benefit the school and improve the school’s visibility in our community; and have the capacity to give generously or know donors with that capacity.

Dean Girton

Paul Reichart

Barbara Walzer