Quaker Education

Quaker education represents a unique combination of academic excellence and spiritual depth.

Children are expected to grow and change in an environment that nurtures their spirits and challenges them to develop inner resources for discipline and achievement.

The Quaker belief in the “Inner Light” leads to faith in the ability of every member of the school community to reach his or her full potential.

Quaker testimonies and the Greenwood Friends School philosophy:

Quaker testimonies are general statements about Friends’ practices and beliefs.  Our school’s mission statement refers to several testimonies—integrity, equality, community, simplicity, and peace—which are reflected in our goal of providing a challenging and supportive environment.

You can learn more about Quaker education from the Friends Council on Education.

Five Principles of Quaker Education

“We hope always to support our students in their development as truly honorable people—informed, engaged, and compassionate people, who come to positions on issues of consequence by active analysis and reflection, informed by a sense of respect for and responsibility toward others, in a spirit defined by neither arrogance nor apathy.”
—Lisa Darling, Former Clerk, Friends Council on Education Board of Directors

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Webmail Available

You can access your new greenwood-friends.org E-mail right from this website! Just click on GFS Web Mail in the menu on the left. For your “Username”, be sure to use your full e-mail address, including the @greenwood-friends.org. After you log in, you can choose either Horde or Squirrel Mail (I prefer Squirrel). There you can also find instructions for setting up other mail clients .

Enrichment Programs

Art, Music, Spanish, and other enrichment programs

Greenwood Friends School believes that a rich and balanced curriculum is essential in teaching the whole child. Art, music, drama, physical education and Spanish are integrated into the life of each classroom and supported through enrichment classes, as well.

Board of Trustees

Greenwood Friends School is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of volunteer members. According to our bylaws, a majority of the trustees must be members of the Religious Society of Friends; the other trustees are at-large members.  Trustees are nominated by the Committee on Trustees, a Board committee, and appointed by the Board as a whole for three-year terms. The Board meets once a month and conducts its meetings in the manner of Friends — according to the rules and customs governing Quaker Meetings for Business.  Officers of the Board are the Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Recording Clerk, and Treasurer. The Head of School participates in Board meetings as an ex officio member. The work of the Board is facilitated by standing committees and by ad hoc task groups as needed. Membership on Board committees is open to non-Board members.

Greenwood Friends School Board members include:  Jennifer Albright, Baker Anderson, Bryan Campbell, Mia Diehl, Dean Girton, Janice Hambridge, Melissa Rycroft and Larry Smith


Millville Friends Meeting

peace-is-the-way.jpg Greenwood Friends School is under the care of the Millville Monthly Meeting and the Upper Susquehanna Quarterly Meeting.

As part of a network of more than 80 Friends schools in the United States (concentrated in the Philadelphia area), Greenwood benefits from the expertise shared by our colleagues near and far. You can learn more about Quaker education from the Friends Council on Education. They provide an excellent description of “What does a Friends School have to offer?“.

Greenwood welcomes children from families of all faiths and backgrounds.